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How to buy?

Now you can order!

To buy NANO you can place an order. After you send us a question via the contact form you will receive a Purchase Agreement. You pay 40% in advance and 60% when NANO is ready to be send.

You can choose any colour you want, your NANO must be one you love!

The price of ready to fly Fusioncopter NANO is EUR 21,500 euro for the 36 HP engine (Polini Thor 250) or EUR 24.500 for 50 HP engine (Minari Stratos 400).

We check every NANO in flight before we send it to you.

The delivery cost for USA is around USD 2400 (ocean freight - box+DHL) and we deliver to the nearest to customer DHL hub (ussualy up to 50 miles from the home address of our customer). The box is 124 inch x 32 inch x 91 inch (314/80/232 cm) and weights around 300 kg.

The lead time is up to three months. Delivery around 4 weeks.

The options include

  • USB charger socket – 50 EUR
  • anti-collision light – 100 EUR
  • aluminium wheel (type 2) – 100 EUR
  • colour (metallic) – 500 EUR        

We will provide detailed information about the offer and purchase conditions after sending us a question via the contact form. Clik here