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Research and development four-seater gyroplane FC-4

The basis of success for the Fusioncopter FC4 was an extensive and advanced research and development program. Thanks to the funds of the National Research and Development Centre the program included both extensive theoretical calculations, as well as severe and thorough practical tests of all the key components of this new generation gyroplane.

A group of some of the best and most experienced engineers, scientists and experimental test pilots in the aviation industry, particularly the field of helicopters and gyroplanes, were involved in the work conducted on the FC4.

The Fusioncopter research and development was primarily focused on the safety of the craft. Very detailed research was done concerning the protection of crew’s and passengers’ life, which included the designing of the energy absorbing system for the seats, the dual propulsion system and extensive testing of the strength and durability of the construction.

In this section we present the results of these tests, according to the requirements regarding the research publication subsidized by the National Research and Development Centre. Some of them include a commentary, others are presented as raw data, open to further interpretation of the reader.