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Technical data FC-4 four-seater gyroplane

Fusioncopter FC4 is a dualengine special category (aiming at category B according to classification regulations CS.27) gyroplane powered by two piston engines in a pushing propeller layout, designed to carry up to 4 people. It is a multipurpose
vehicle intended to operate daylight flights under VFR conditions.

  • The supporting structure of the fuselage and the tail duralumin monocoque
  • Cabin fairing honeycomb core kevlarcarbon composite
  • Remaining fuselage fairing carbon and partly glass composite
  • Engine hoods carbon composite tested for fire resistance
  • Number of seats 4 in 2+2 configuration
  • Engines 2 certified Rotax 912 S in pusher configuration
  • Propellers two dualblade constant speed type MTV21ACF/CFLD17205 MTPropellers equipped with feathering system
  • Control system double (dualrudder)
  • Closed cabin with left and right door, as well as an emergency drop system on both sides
  • Type H empennage
  • Fixed landing gear with one front wheel and two main wheels. Retractable landing gear planned in future versions.
  • 4blade rotor (version a) with a 8.8 m diameter consisting of two dualblade conventional cradles facing each other at a 22,5 degree angle (this solution was tested and reported to the licensing offices in the US and EU). The rotor has a fixed pitch. It is based on aluminum blades with a 200 mm chord, using a NACA 8H12 profile.
  • Dualblade rotor (version b) with a 11.2 m diameter in a single cradle layout, 280 mm chord aluminum blades
  • Rotor’s prerotation drive through the left engine’s flexible shaft secured with a backstop clutch
  • Fuselage:

       - Length without rotor: 7.268 m
       - Width: 3.191 m
       - Height: 3.009 m

Mass data

  • Maximum weight (MTOW) 1050 kg
  • Minimum weight (without the rotor) 622 kg
  • Maximum load (crew and cargo) 300 kg
  • Maximum fuel weight (157l) 121,7 kg
  • Number of people on board 4 pax
  • Maximum weight of pilot/each passenger 100 kg

Performance information will be released after test flights are completed.